No Name Kitchen was born in Belgrade by winter 2017 when a group of volunteers started cooking alongside the thousands of people who were fending for themselves after the closure of the Hungarian frontier. Since then, NNK supports those who suffer the lack of safe and legal pathways, collecting testimonies and denouncing the systematic use of institutional violence at the borders.

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We believe humanitarian aid must include political action to provoke a change. For this reason, NNK collects testimonies of abuses and push-backs to raise awareness and advocate for justice and respect to the Human Rights and International Laws.


The result of our work is compiled in the Black Book of Pushbacks, describing the experiences of 12,654 people who have experienced human rights violations at external borders in Greece, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia or Hungary along the so-called ‘Balkan route’. By bringing to light the suffering, NNK and our partners claim EU institutions and member state governments to be held accountable for the inhumane and degrading treatment of the people.