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By No Name Kitchen

Freshly baked and slowly cooked, the NNK´s 2023 Calendar is here! And it is such a beautiful creature…
Every winter, NNK produces a calendar to raise donations. For 2023, we present “The Game of Souls”, an illustrated story of the cruelty and the magic resilience that people experience at the EU borders.

Visit our website and order a 5 units pack, so you can pin one in your wall and share a couple with your mates or to make a perfect gift for your beloved ones.

If you want to get more calendars to sell them around your community, to have them in your shop, events or any center, you can order them here:

You can also get a pack:

a hoodie and 3 calendars

an apron and 3 calendars!!

Each calendar includes 14 sheets, color printed on both sides, DIN A4 landscape size (297 x 210 mm), with a 250g high quality print glossy and metal spiral as ring binding. They are created with the art of Irene de la Vega and the beautiful words of Ric Fernández.

3 reasons to get No Name Calendars:
– It is a beautiful illustrated story
– It raises awareness about the situation at the borders
– That’s a way to support NNK actions.

Since NNK started cooking at the Barracks of Belgrade, we have a deal: love and resist. In the last six years, we swallowed bumpy roads, evictions and harassments. We cried over the bodies of our deceased friends. Walls are a fucking disgrace, yes, but we will continue bringing water, shoes, firewood and hugs to those who need it. We will collect testimonies from those who suffer nightmares remembering the kicks in each illegal pushback.

We will keep denouncing until the whole European society know what is going on: our taxes are being used to torture people. People who ask for little, almost nothing: freedom to move.