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Foto de Antonio Sempere


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By Asociación Elín and No Name Kitchen. Photo by Antonio Sempere

Following the news of the suicide of Moussa on Thursday 26 January 2023, a young Guinean resident in the CETI of Ceuta, the Elín association and No Name Kitchen want to express our grief, helplessness, indignation and rejection.

According to the media and people close to the victim, Moussa’s lifeless body was found on 26 January at midday. The young man had been expelled from the centre for at least a month, which left him with no possibility of shelter or food. This is not the first time that a resident has been expelled as a punitive measure.

Given the low temperatures and the lack of alternatives, Moussa, who stayed in the surroundings of the CETI, asked on several occasions to be allowed back into the centre and on each occasion he was denied access. We emphasise that a person residing in the CETI has no means of subsistence outside the centre. For this reason, we consider that expulsion is not an adequate measure for the reality of these people.

In cases of non-compliance with the internal rules of coexistence of the CETI, we believe that it is essential to have resources and psychosocial and educational alternatives that help people to change these behaviours and avoid situations like this. Expulsion is not a solution.

In addition, we would like to point out the lack of resources and accommodation for people who are homeless and on the streets, a reality that we have been denouncing for years and to which, until now, no response has been given.

Therefore, WE DEMAND:

That no resident of the CETI should ever again be expelled as a punitive measure. That protocols and socio-educational measures be established to deal with situations of non-compliance with the internal rules of coexistence.

That psychosocial measures and resources be established and guaranteed within the CETI to ensure comprehensive psychological and social support for all residents who need it, bearing in mind that these people have undergone very violent and often traumatic experiences.

That the public administrations guarantee the existence of decent shelter and accommodation resources for people who find themselves on the streets in the city of Ceuta.

That responsibility be established and that measures be taken to repair the damage caused to the victim and his family.

We hope that the competent administrations will take these demands into account in order to prevent situations like this from recurring in the future and that the rights and dignity of all people will be respected.