Socks might not seem much, but for those who migrate without access to safe routes, shelter or laundry services, the lack of dry, clean and cozy socks can undermine their physical and mental wellbeing.

That´s why NNK launches this FREEDOM TO MOVE ethical socks to raise awareness in partnership with our friends from Socks with a Cause. If you want to support, order your pair now and visit our campaign, because all donations will be used to buy new and clean socks and underwear for the people who is trapped at the borders of the Balkan routes.


We can´t deny that when a person is not psychically or mentally healthy, it would take more than nice underwear to help improve the situation, but new socks gives self-esteem a lift of dignity during the journey, so this is a good and easy step to bring some warmth comfort, mobility and health. Are you ready to help?

No Name Kitchen combines humanitarian and political actions to provide people with means for their self-protection, ensuring they access healthcare, food, clothes and legal protection, while denouncing the abuses to raise awareness and advocate for a change.

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