Kitchener Card


There are many ways to recognize a Kitchener: a generous but combative soul, an open-minded attitude or a beautiful energy to fight the injustice… Ok, but let’s be pragmatic: nothing as effective as the Kitchener card.

3 cool reasons to get your card:

  • It allows you to join NNK teams, including free accommodation and supplies (water, electricity, etc), partial allowance for food and cleaning, legal representation and psychological service support.
  • Obtaining a 30% discount in your first purchase at the NNK store.
  • A symbolic but impactful way to support the movement.

It takes a 35€ donation, meaning 9 cents a day, and it is valid for one whole year, so you can apply to volunteer in different bases without needing a new card.

To keep in mind: this card is for everyone supporting the movement, not only for field volunteers.

This card is a digital file for environmental reasons. You can always download it and print it to replace the Visa Gold of your wallet.

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