The very same day that the European society expresses its solidarity with the women that protest in Kabul to defend their right to education, two Afghan women ask for asylum at the Serbia-Hungarian border and they find closed borders, violence and isolated detention centers. This world might still need some changes, right?

We celebrate all women´s willingness, strength and resilience launching this special edition tank top BYE-BYE SEXIST & RACIST BORDERS.

fair bio ink pic

It´s bio, it´s fair-trade, it´s vegan, it´s like… who wouldn´t like to wear it or to make a cool gift?

This campaign is one humble way to raise awareness and donations to keep our actions at the borders, bringing food, clothes, shoes, sleeping bags, healthcare, showers, laundry, legal assistance and, of course, to denounce the abuses and put an end to violence, stereotypes, invisibility and discrimination.

Thanks for supporting NNK! Happy fight!

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